The Humana Festival of New American Plays has entered its second week.

Most of the plays featured in this year’s festival come from veteran playwrights, but not all of them. Playwright Molly Smith-Metzler has come from New York to Louisville for what will be her first professional production. She says debuting at the Humana Festival is a dream come true.

“It’s the honor of all honors to debut a new play here. Everyone in the country pays attention to what these plays are,” she says. “It’s a really fantastic way to debut a new play.”

Smith-Metzler’s play is comedy called Elemeno Pea.

“It’s about two sisters who get to have a sister’s weekend at one of the sister’s boss’s super-rich estate, and of course the boss crashes the sister’s weekend. And it’s about class and family and identity,” she says.

Elemeno Pea has its first performance Tuesday night at Actors Theatre.