The Humana Foundation has renewed its commitment to Actors Theatre and the Humana Festival of New American Plays.

The Humana Foundation has approved a three-year grant totaling $2.1 million to fund the festival through 2013. It includes funding for this year’s festival, which opens this week.

Virginia Judd is the executive director of the Humana Foundation. She says the association between Humana, Actors Theatre and the festival has been beneficial for all sides.

“People just talk about it as Humana. Wonderful recognition for us, even if they don’t know, especially visitors from out of town, exactly who we are. And the festival generates so much excitement in the community and provides a boost to the local economy. It’s something we’re very proud to support,” she says.

Since Humana began supporting the festival in 1979, the company and its foundation have given Actors Theatre more than$21 million, most of it dedicated to supporting the Humana Festival.