The president of the Humane Society of the United States will be in Louisville this week to discuss his new book: New York Times Bestseller “The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals and Our Call to Defend Them.”

The book is a study of human-animal relationships. Wayne Pacelle says humans are naturally drawn to and fascinated by animals—look at the number of people who have pets and who watch animals in the wild or at zoos.

But Pacelle sees a huge contradiction as humans routinely are cruel to animals.

“And much of it is institutionalized,” he said. “It’s large scale, it involves big businesses that have been using animals for so long, that a lot of these uses to the public seem routine or normal.”

Like animal testing, or factory farms. Pacelle says the idea of animal protection isn’t that humans and animals are equal.

“The idea is that we are superior,” he said. “Intellectually and in our ability to manipulate the world, and let’s use our power for the good. Let’s act with mercy and decency, and not treat our power as license where we can do anything we want and treat animals like they don’t matter.”

Pacelle says he’s seen a huge shift in culture over the last few decades, as people and corporations begin to consider animal welfare in their decisions.

Pacelle will be discussing his book and answering questions tomorrow at 7:00 at the Barnes and Noble on South Hurstbourne Parkway.