Local News

by Tony McVeigh, Kentucky Public Radio

Only 14 days remain in the 2010 Kentucky General Assembly, with hundreds of bills still awaiting final action.

On February 4th, the Kentucky House voted 80-16 for legislation banning texting while driving. Four days later, the bill was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where it has seen no action. But former House Speaker Jody Richards, the bill’s primary sponsor, isn’t giving up yet.

“I have talked with Chairman Tom Jensen about it and he tells me that it still has time to make its way through the Senate, but he has not told me for sure if they are going to deal with it,” he says.

Another bill still awaiting action in Sen. Jensen’s committee is the sexting bill sponsored by Rep. Martha Jane King. It’s designed to prevent minors from using cell phones to transmit nude photographs of themselves to others. The bill unanimously passed the House on March 3rd. Like Richards, King is holding out hope for final passage of the bill before the session ends.