Local News

by Gabe Bullard

Once again, a lineup of artists, scientists and academics has been booked for the Idea Festival that will be held this fall in Louisville.

Some of the bigger names for this year’s festival are author Sapphire, high-wire walker Phillipe Petit and musician Janelle Monae. The rest of the lineup includes film producers, tech entrepreneurs and respected scientists.

“John Landau, who was the co-producer of Avatar, Sean Carroll who is an astrophysicist from CalTech will be here, Hugh Herr, the head of the MIT biomechanics lab,” says festival founder Kris Kimel.

Kimel says the lineup is not based on any particular trend in science or the arts, but it does reflect the evolving nature of innovation, which this year is tempered by technological advances and the lagging economy.

“The whole idea of developing creative thinkers and innovators and innovation being at the base of competitiveness for really anybody regardless of your profession is gaining more currency every day,” he says.

The festival will be held at the Kentucky Center from September 29 through October 2.