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In a message posted online Monday afternoon, the Improv Comedy Club in Fourth Street Live downtown announced its permanent closure.

The club has been in the venue for about three years. Baltimore-based Cordish operates Fourth Street Live and owns the lease on the space. Online, the Improv gives no reason for the closure.

“They didn’t say and we didn’t ask,” says Mayor’s spokesman Chris Poynter. ”Cordish called us last week to let us know [the closure] was coming down the pike.”

In a statement released by Cordish, the Improv’s Andrew Dorfman implies the closure was caused by a lack of business.  

“We are also immensely grateful for the support of The Cordish Companies and Fourth Street Live! who did everything humanely possible, both financially and otherwise, to help keep our doors open over the past four years. Fourth Street Live! is one of the premier entertainment districts in the country and we would welcome the opportunity to return when the broader economy improves. We are incredibly appreciative of the Louisville community and their support over the past four years. We hope to see you again at Fourth Street Live!”

Poynter adds that the space will be turned around quickly into the Tavern a nightclub-type venue that will host traveling acts. 

The Tavern will not replace the similarly-named The Pub. The more tautologically-named restaurant closed earlier this year amid a dispute between its owners and Cordish over rent and maintenance. Poynter says Cordish has a new concept for that space, which it will unveil next year.

Cordish teased the new concept in its e-mail announcing The Tavern’s arrival (and the Improv’s demise), calling the incoming business an “experience.”

From the press release:

A major brand will open a “brand experience” concept at Fourth Street Live! Details of this concept will be announced in early 2013. [Fourth Street Live spokesman] Mike Leonard stated, “Based on the plans for this experience I can [say] there is no concept like this in downtown Louisville and will be an incredible attraction for the city and Fourth Street Live!”

That’s a lot of experience.