Local News

by Gabe Bullard

An eight-ton boulder that was pulled from the Ohio River at Greenup County, Kentucky and taken to Portsmouth, Ohio in 2007 will soon be returned to Kentucky.

Officials say a face carved in Indian Head Rock could make it a Native American artifact. That’s why, after the rock was pulled from the water by an expedition of Ohioans, Kentucky filed a civil suit to have it returned.

The states reached a settlement in the case this week and the boulder will soon be sent to a storage facility in Greenup County.

Kentucky Heritage Council director Mark Dennen says he and his colleagues must now find a location to display the rock to the public.

“It can be outside, it could be indoors,” he says. “It doesn’t need to be in a climate-controlled environment. What we do want to make sure is that we’re protecting it, to a certain extent, from the elements, and, most importantly, we want to make sure it’s protected from vandalism.”

Dennen says educational materials will be produced to accompany the display. Funding for the display has not yet been secured.