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The death toll from Friday’s tornadoes that tore across southern Indiana is at least six,  according to various reports.    The state Department of Homeland Security says three of the fatalities occurred in Jefferson County, Indiana, with one recorded in hard-hit Henryville.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels will visit the storm-ravaged area Saturday morning.  

He issued this statement Friday evening:

“Once again Mother Nature has dealt harshly with Indiana. Our every thought is with those we’ve lost and those who have suffered. We’ve learned so much and improved so much in disaster preparedness, warning systems and responder communications but still we are no match for Mother Nature at her worst. We’re hopeful that we know the full extent of the damage but it will be tomorrow before we can give a final report with any confidence.”

(Photo of Marysville, Indiana tornado damage courtesy of meteorologist Jacob Wycoff via Facebook)

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