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Indiana’s 260,000 deer hunters are divided on whether they support a proposal being considered by the state’s Natural Resources Commission that would allow hunters to use high powered rifles for deer hunting.

“I don’t think it flies well with the public,” said Doug Allman with the Indiana Deer Hunters Association.

Speaking to WFPL as an individual, he said he does not support using high-powered rifles for deer hunting.

“I think there are concerns. I’m concerned even as a hunter that’s out there in the field with the potential of being in the line of fire,” he said.

While acknowledging that people being shot by hunters is a rare occurrence, Allman said there may be some property owners who limit access because of the distances high-powered rifles can shoot.

The Indianapolis Star reports many hunters oppose high-powered weapons that can fire a bullet over longer distances because they would give an unfair advantage over deer.

Proponents of the rule say it would be just as safe to use high-powered rifles to hunt deer as the weapons currently used, the report said. They also say it would give deer hunters more options.

There will be a public hearing and the matter will be decided in 2015, said Allman.