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The Indiana House of Representatives remains in recess until Monday afternoon, as the chamber did not have enough members present this morning to conduct business.

About three dozen Democrats continue their boycott of the proceedings over a Republican-led labor bill.

Democrats have filed an amendment that would require any “right-to-work” law passed by the GOP be subject to a November voter referendum.

House Speaker Brian Bosma said the amendment would be considered, but Democratic Leader Patrick Bauer told him party members need the weekend to inform the public about it.

The House has now imposed fines of $3,000 against boycotting Democrats.

However, a judge has blocked them from being deducted from two lawmakers’ paychecks as a suit challenging the fines makes its way through the court system.

A “right-to-work” bill is also making its way through the Indiana Senate, where Republicans hold a super-majority.

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