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A group of Indiana lawmakers will now try to reconcile the House and Senate versions of a property tax reform bill.

A House-Senate conference committee will hammer out differences in the two plans.   The Senate version cleared the Republican-controlled chamber Tuesday by a vote of 33-14.   Lawmakers in the House, where Democrats hold the majority, had earlier passed their version by a vote of 93-1.

The conference committee will include Republican Senator Luke Kenley, who believes the two sides will reach agreement.

“I think that this is quite and acheivement we’ve made.  We’ve gone 99 miles down a 100 mile road toward propety tax reform and relief.   We’ve got one more mile to go,” Kenley said.

The two plans differ on numerous details, but both would cap property tax bills and increase the state salestax by a penny to pay for the reforms.

Opponents of a property tax cap say it would force some local governments to raise other taxes in order to pay for basic services.

Rick Howlett is host of WFPL's weekly talk show, "In Conversation."