Local News

The Indiana Department of Transportation is putting up 19 million dollars for the development of new walking and biking trails, including two in southern Indiana.

The money is a one time gift for the “Hoosiers on the Move” plan, which aims to put a trail within fifteen minutes travel time of all Indiana residents.

Department of Natural Resources spokesperson Phil Bloom says the money will help trails that are near completion, but in need of a final push.

“These were already, in many instances, existing trails projects that were looking for funding support and the DNR division of outdoor recreation works closely with those local entities and determined which projects were able to be in a position where they could jump immediately on making use of these funds,” says Bloom.

In Clarksville the money will pave the trail from the Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center to the George Rogers Clark Historical Park. In Bloomington, just over half a mile of a railway corridor will be turned into a trail.