The Louisville Metro Council ended 2010 with a piece of unfinished business still on the table. The body has yet to decide whether to renew the city’s contract—or franchise agreement—with Insight Communications for the next fifteen years.

When the contract first came up in committee, several council members complained about Insight’s service and cost. Despite that, the renewal passed the committee unanimously.

It was later sent back to that committee when it was revealed the company was late in paying a 2009 tax bill. Councilwoman Madonna Flood says Insight may not be open enough with the city, and the contract should be revised to hold them to stricter transparency rules.

“If they do not perform up to submitting financial records, audits, paying their taxes in time, there has to be some kind of measure that Louisville Metro has to come back at that company, whether it’s to renegotiate the whole franchise agreement or make it null and void,” she says.

“Certainly we’ll continue to work with them and we’re open to any ideas that they may have because we’re committed to Louisville,” says Insight spokesperson Jason Keller.

Keller says the tax bill was received late and that delayed the payment.