Local News

by Stephanie Crosby

The Metro Council meets twice this week – once to conduct interviews and once to vote on a new member of the council. The council’s sixth district seat was left vacant over two weeks ago when Councilman George Unseld unexpectedly died.

Council President Tom Owen says to keep the interview process fair, each candidate will have an allotted time before the council, and council members will ask a standard set of questions.

“There are already people who have the attention of some members of the council. That doesn’t mean we’ve made up our mind,” says Owen. “But it does mean that you have somebody that you’ve known or already are aware of or have known them in their public commitment, that sort of thing, so some people already have kind of an early favorite.”

About twenty people initially filed for the seat, but Owen thinks more like 15 will show up for the interviews. He thinks some will drop out because they don’t meet residency requirements.