Local News

The President of Ivy Tech in Indiana has been invited to a White House summit on community colleges.

Tom Snyder and an Ivy Tech student were invited to speak with other presidents and students, as well as President Barack Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. Snyder says he’s encouraged by the administration’s attention to community colleges because not enough Americans have college degrees or certificates. Snyder says there are three options to remedy the situation.

“Expand the four-year schools that are public and private: that would be very expensive in terms of structure and facilities. Expand the for-profit schools: to me, that would put a huge loan burden on top of students. Or, expand community colleges,” he says.

Snyder says he’s looking forward to discussing changes to Pell Grant awards and new strategies for how community colleges can work across state and county lines. The summit is next Tuesday. Hopkinsville Community College president James Selbe has also been invited.