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Newly-elected Metro Government officials will be sworn in in January. But one incoming Metro Councilman will likely assume office in the coming weeks.

David James won the special election to serve the remaining two years of the late George Unseld’s term. Instead of waiting until inauguration day, James only needs confirmation from the Board of Elections to be sworn in.

“I don’t believe that even if it were certified before [this week’s] meeting that I’ll be able to,” he says. “There’s still some procedural things that have to take place first.”

James says he attended the last Democratic caucus meeting and has talked with some of his future colleagues. He says he’s already working on some of his predecessors’ projects.

“We’ve got some issues in creating the 6th District neighborhood advisory committee,” he says. “We’re going to be working on that right away. We’re going to start working on the 4th and Oak issues. We’re going to be working on some of our sidewalk issues, some of our safety issues and our abandoned and dilapidated property issues.”

James will replace independent Deonte Hollowell, who was appointed after Unseld’s death, but lost to James in a four-way race for the seat.