Kentucky’s Democratic primary is May 17, and the candidates for president — and their surrogates — have been flooding the bluegrass state of late.

Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton both campaigned in Louisville on Tuesday — the same day Sanders won the Indiana primary, giving his campaign a jolt. Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be in Louisville for a public event on May 10. And Chelsea Clinton is making the media rounds.

Today, I talked with Jane Sanders, who’s married to Bernie — and also his longtime political partner.

Listen to our interview in the player above.

On Sanders’ chances at winning the nomination: 

“You have to remember, he started at 3 percent in the polls. So it was not very likely that he would be the nominee one year ago. He’s up to — some polls have him beating Hillary Clinton, some just losing by 1 or 2 (percent). He’s looking much better every single day. We know the process is just about complete, but there are nine states to go.

“As you said, it’s a narrow path — he’ll have to do very well, particularity in California. But Oregon, West Virginia, Kentucky — we’re looking forward to working well with them.”

On the superdelegate system: 

“The fact is that neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie will have enough pledged delegates before the convention to actually be the nominee. So then it does come down to superdelegates. We think that’s a ridiculous way to choose — we think it should be one person, one vote.

“But given that, the superdelegates are supposed to take into consideration all the factors and use their judgment. So we think that when Bernie has won some of these states by 70, 80 percent, that those superdelegates should go to him — and vice versa. The ones where Secretary Clinton has won by large margins like that should also go to her.”

Bill Burton is the Morning Edition host for WFPL News.