This fall’s Jefferson County Board of Education election will have one of the largest candidate pools in  recent history after eight more candidates filed before Tuesday’s deadline.

A total of 17 candidates have filed to run for three seats being vacated by JCPS board members this year. Five are vying in Steve Imhoff’s District 2, five in Larry Hujo’s District 7 and seven in Joe Hardesty’s District 4.

The candidates run the gamut from well known public figures to a concerned parent who wants to change the district’s student assignment plan.

While it’s still early in the race, some have already set up websites, some Facebook pages. But Hardesty said any candidate who wins a spot on the board must get used to being more visible.

“They’ll become known in the public. They’re more of a public servant and they need to be prepared to answer and address constituency concerns,” he said.

Imhoff said he was surprised by the amount of time he needed to dedicate to the board.

“Anybody who wants to be a good school board member needs to put in a lot of time and effort which will interfere to some degree with their home life, their employment,” he said.

The elections are Nov. 6.