The Jefferson County Board of Education will soon consider its largest tax increase in the past four years, as district leaders say the hike is needed to offset a lack of state and federal funding.

Last year, Superintendent Donna Hargens and the JCPS board said the district would only raise taxes a fraction of a penny. The taxes are based on property values, and the increase meant homeowners would pay $1 more for a home assessed at $100,000.

The more than 3 percent increase being proposed now would add over $20 more to the same tax bill.

Hargens told WFPL last year the district was losing over $15 million by not increasing taxes by the maximum 4 percent allowed. Now it hopes to generate nearly the same amount to fund dozens of assistant principals and other initiatives this year.

A public hearing is scheduled for next week.

Last year, members of the Louisville Tea Party spoke in opposition to the increase.   They’re expected to do the same this year. 

School Year/Tax Increase (per $100,000 of assessed property value)

2011-2012: 67.7  ($677 per year)

2010-2011: 67.6

2009-2010: 64.6

2008-2009: 62.5