Local News

Nearly 100-thousand Jefferson County students head back to class tomorrow, and about 60-thousand of those students will get there by bus.

JCPS Transportation Director Rick Caple says officials ran a of couple of test routes last week and are ready for the first day of school. He says routes will likely take a little longer the first few days, and the key for both students and teachers is patience.

“First day is the worst and every day after that gets better. In about ten days, we’re pretty much on time,” says Caple, “Mornings are a lot easier than afternoons to get on time because parents and staff are still trying to find out what child rides what bus.”

Caple says parents have been flooding his office with calls, trying to find out where their child should board the bus for school. He says another way to locate that information is on JCPS’s website… using their BusFinder tool.