Local News

All JCPS students have been safely delivered home.

The last student was cleared at 7:13 pm on Wednesday night, according to the Courier-Journal. WDRB reports that fewer than 20 children had not yet been dropped off as of 7:20.

Despite school being postponed for two consecutive days due to power and communication outages from Saturday’s storm, transportation on the first day ended more successfully than last year, when some students in extreme circumstances weren’t home until after 9 pm.

On Wednesday morning there were no reported severe transportation delays despite the ongoing cleanup of county streets from storm damage. Superintendent Donna Hargens said JCPS was prepared to reroute buses and keep in communication with parents should something occur. This year, parents could also access a bus hotline and refer to an online bus finder through JCPS.

On Wednesday afternoon, JCPS spokesman Ben Jackey said he wasn’t aware of any complications with the morning commute and he couldn’t confirm any delays. There were no reports any extraordinary circumstances regarding transportation.