Local News

The Jefferson County Board of Education will vote today on a proposal to raise property taxes in the county. School boards in Oldham and Bullitt Counties are also considering a tax hike.

The Jefferson County proposal would raise the property tax by a penny, from 61-and-a-half to 62-and-a-half cents per one hundred dollars of assessed value. That means a person with a 100-thousand dollar home faces a tax hike of ten dollars.

JCPS Chief Financial Officer Cordelia Hardin says the district is simply trying to maintain its financial status quo.

“For this year alone, we’re having to even go into our reserves to maintain and fund a few additional initiatives we don’t not have,” says Hardin.

Hardin says the increase would provide an extra 32-million dollars for the school system in Louisville. A public hearing on the proposed increase will be held at 6:40 this evening. School boards in Oldham and Bullitt Counties are considering hikes that would raise the tax on a 100-thousand dollar home by two and 15 dollars, respectively.