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Jefferson County homeowners could see their property taxes go up again if the school board approves a proposed 3.4 percent increase Monday.

The revenue would be used to support the district’s dozens of new assistant principals and updates to the JCPS transportation plan.

Taxes are based off assessed property values and, currently, homeowners pay around $677 for every $100,000 their house is worth. If the increase is approved, they’ll pay an additional $23.

Superintendent Donna Hargens says a slight increase approved last year did not produce any additional revenue for JCPS.

“This year what the board is considering is an [tax] increase that would increase what we would actually get,” she said.

Hargens’ administration was able to save some money last year by reorganizing her central office, which helped fund new assistant regional superintendents.

“We didn’t know the dollars that would be saved for the organizational review at the time the budget was built,” she said. “We were able to save those dollars and again push resources into schools,” said said.

Last year only a fraction of a penny was approved. The 3.4 percent being considered this week is still lower than the maximum 4 percent in the 12 years previous to 2011, said JCPS officials. 

That maximum rate is based off the previous year’s revenue.

A public comment period will be held before Monday’s board meeting. Members of the Louisville Tea Party spoke in opposition to the tax increase last year, and they’re expected to speak again Monday night.