Jefferson County Public Schools’ Georgia Chafee Teenage Parent Program (TAPP) is making further expansions to accommodate more children in its day-care program this year.

The district has two schools for pregnant students or those who already have children. Last year, South Park TAPP renovated its facilities to add 10 more daycare spots.

This year, Westport TAPP will follow suit, said TAPP principal Sara York. The eastern-Jefferson County facilities will replace the Head Start program with daycare space, she said.

“We need more space for our childcare program and for our own children of our TAPP students,” said York.

During the school year, the waiting list for daycare may have anywhere between 25 to 50 students at any given time, she said. The added space this year will allow the program to serve 130 students with children. Two years ago, the program initiated a one child per student rule, which York said has cut down on the number of child students in the program are having.

Both TAPP schools serve nearly 600 students annually. Around 120 of those students graduated last year, earning nearly $800,000 in scholarship money, said York.