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The head of the teachers union in Louisville says replacing the principals and teachers at three underperforming schools will not solve the schools’ problems.

This week, state auditors declared that the principals at Iroquois, Waggener and Southern high schools must be replaced. Teachers at the schools could also be moved.

Jefferson County Teachers Association President Brent McKim says that’s unnecessary. While he disagrees with the methods used to declare the schools low-achieving, he says the state should try to improve training for teachers, and not simply move them around.

“You take teachers who are working their hearts out to make a difference for these kids, and instead of celebrating their dedication and trying to help them do even better, I feel like the government is pointing a finger at them, blaming them,” he says.

McKim echoes statements made by the principal of Iroquois High School, saying the shakeups are demoralizing. The three schools were among six in Louisville on a recent list of ten persistently low-performing schools.