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Jeffersonville officials say private investment could curb some of the cost of a proposed canal that will run through the city.

The canal is meant to reduce the amount of rainwater that flows into sewers while also beautifying a portion of the city. Public comments on what should be placed around the canal were gathered earlier this month, and project manager Peggy Duffy says many of those suggestions will be incorporated into an outline of the plan that will be released next week.

The canal will cost the city about $65 million, but Duffy says that could be offset if business owners buy land along the canal route to develop.

“We’re hoping that as this thing progresses and we get a lot more enthusiasm from the private development side—which we’ve already had—we’ll be able to plug in that money and actually be able to decrease the amount of public investment,” she says.

A master plan for the canal is expected in May. Duffy says her goal is to have the canal finished in five years.