The morning after being reassigned to a different school, outgoing Jeffersonville High School Principal James Sexton said “management styles” clashed with the Greater Clark schools superintendent.

“The superintendent and my management style no not agree, so he’s in charge,” Sexton said when reached Friday morning.

Last week Greater Clark County Schools’ superintendent Andrew Melin removed Sexton from his post, and said an investigation of school management was ongoing.

Now, Sexton, who is also running for Jefferson County’s District 7 school board seat, has been reassigned as principal of Clark County Middle/High School, which offers an alternative program to get certain students back on track.

Sexton, though he understands the importance of the alternative program, said he’s disappointed to be leaving Jeffersonville High School.

“I would object to moving away from Jeffersonville High, but everyone works for someone and—philosophically—our management styles clash,” said Sexton.

Sexton said he couldn’t get into specifics about what Melin doesn’t like about his management style. But in a statement to the media Melin said the change in assignment better suits the schools and Sexton, who started at Greater Clark Middle/High School in 2009.

The school board still needs to approve the decision, but Sexton will start next Monday because the superintendent has the right of assignment, he said.

Sexton considers his previous work with alternative students successful. The district, he said, was averaging 70 expulsions a year and since his arrival in 2009 there hasn’t been a single expulsion, he said.

“I really don’t believe in expelling a student unless they have a weapon or they are dangerous to the population,” said Sexton.

Jeffersonville’s assistant principal David Milburn will assume interim-principal duties.