Jeffersonville High School principal James Sexton has been assigned to lead Clark County Middle/High School after being put on paid administrative leave last week for reasons that were never publicly disclosed.

Sexton is also running for Jefferson County Board of Education’s District 7 seat.

Greater Clark County Schools released the following statement Thursday night:

On October 17, Mr. Sexton was placed on paid administrative leave. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Andrew Melin stated, “Placing Mr. Sexton on paid administrative leave was done to avoid any allegation of undue influence while I investigated management issues at Jeffersonville High School. There were no concerns related to illegal activities.”

While acknowledging the improvements made in both the climate and academics at Jeffersonville High School over the past two years, both Mr. Sexton and Dr. Melin agree that they have management and instructional leadership philosophies that differ and that a change needs to occur. Greater Clark County Schools is in the process of expanding the corporation’s alternative program and Dr. Melin believes that Mr. Sexton’s management style will assist in broadening the program at Clark County Middle/High School.


Mr. David Milburn, an Assistant Principal at Jeffersonville High School, will assume Interim- Principal responsibilities effective Monday, October 29, 2012.