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The president of the Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission has resigned after disagreeing with the mayor about the Big Four Bridge approach.

The Big Four Bridge over the Ohio River is currently being converted into a pedestrian and bicycle span . On the Louisville side, the approach is a long spiral ramp in Waterfront Park. There are two plans for the approach on the Jeffersonville side. 

One plan is being developed by Construction Solutions and offers more space, which more closely resembles a park, said commission member Monty Snelling. The other plan is being developed by Mayor Mike Moore's administration and includes a farmer's market pavilion and retail and condo developments. But commission president Michael Hutt says that plan is “ugly.” 

Moore asked Hutt to resign this week after Hutt refused to back the mayor's preferred plan for the approach. Snelling said he understands Moore’s decision, but the mayor should be open to discussion about the bridge.

“I’m on the commission, I’ve looked at both plans. I’m not sold on either one of them,” said Snelling. “My suggestion was a combination of a little bit of each one.”

Despite Hutt’s resignation,  Snelling said he still expects the mayor to compromise and for the final plan to include aspects of all the proposals presented to the commission earlier this week.

“The mayor would still get what he wants. The council will get part of what they wanted and to me that’s the best way to do it because you’re representing the taxpayers,” he said.

Snelling said a budget has not yet been decided for the project, but he expects it to cost between $2 million to $3 million.

Hutt reportedly resigned amicably, but he states he doesn’t want to act as a rubber stamp for the mayor. Snelling expects a vote on a plan next month, with a goal of beginning construction next April.