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A Jefferson circuit judge has granted a temporary injunction blocking Metro Government from raising the monthly fees paid by police officers and other workers for their take-home cruisers.

The injunction was requested by the Fraternal Order of Police, which contends the take-home car program is part of the union’s contract with the city and can’t be altered without its

Mayor Jerry Abramson ordered an increase in the take-home fee this month to help offset a projected $20 million budget shortfall.

His spokesperson, Chris Poynter, says an appeal will be filed.

“We think the police take home cars are a privilege, not a right and they are not part of the contract negotiations, so we will appeal immediately,” Poynter said Wednesday.

The mayor’s office wants to raise the monthly take-home car fee from $30 to $100. Officers who use their cars for a second job would have their fee raised from $60 to $160.

Officials say the increases would raise about $1.6 million.

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