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A jury in Hamilton County, Indiana has been deliberating since about 12:30pm in the voter fraud trial of Secretary of State Charlie White.

The Indianapolis Star reports the panel has been deliberating through the evening and was scheduled to be served dinner at 7:00pm.

Special prosecutor Dan Sigler Jr. argued this morning that White knowingly committed voter fraud for political power.

White’s attorney, Carl Brizzi, said in his closing arguments that prosecutors’ case “is based entirely on assumption, innuendo and leaps.” The jury is expected to begin deliberating after today’s closing arguments.

White is charged with seven felony counts, including fraud, perjury and theft. He faces removal from office if convicted of a single count and could be imprisoned.

Prosecutors claim White used his ex-wife’s address on his voter registration form in the May 2010 Republican primary when he actually had a condo elsewhere with his fiance

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