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Three years after the death of its founder, the Justice Resource Center is at risk of losing its non-profit status.

The civil rights organization was founded by the late Reverend Louis Coleman in 1972 to address racial discrimination, gun violence and police brutality. Coleman died in 2008 after suffering a series of seizures.

The social justice group has been led by the Rev. James Tennyson of New Golden Star Baptist Church since then.

The Secretary of State’s office says the center hasn’t yet turned in its annual report and will lose non-profit status if the paperwork isn’t submitted to the state before the end of the week.

Tennyson says the group filed the proper paperwork earlier this year with the Secretary of State’s office. “We filed our report with them as soon as we got our paperwork together,” he explains. “I don’t know what’s going on there. This is the first time I’ve heard of that.”

A spokeswoman with the Secretary of State’s office says a 60-day notice was mailed to the group in July notifying them the annual report had not been submitted.

Tennyson says he will visit Frankfort this week to clear up the matter.