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Kentucky Derby Festival officials have changed this year’s marathon and mini-marathon

The marathon’s course has been changed so it no longer crosses over itself, which organizers say will clear up congestion. The course will also go through different streets in the Highlands. Festival President Mike Berry says the changes were made for runners, not neighborhood residents.

“They’re still going to be impacted by the races themselves,” he says. “But what we’re hoping is, for the runners themselves, is they will find the course more manageable and more easy to manipulate.”

The finish line for both courses has been moved to Waterfront Park. The total number of runners allowed will also be expanded, from 12 thousand to 15 thousand.

Berry says he’s not sure if that many runners will compete, but there was a waiting list last year.

“We really have no idea in knowing how many above 12,000,” he says. “What we do know is we can assure the participants that up to 15,000 can be accommodated with services, meaning supplies.”

The marathon and mini-marathon are April 24th.