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Kentucky Tea Party groups are joining others around the country in complaining about inquiries from the Internal Revenue Service.

Many of the groups are not-for-profit 501(c)(4)s. Such organizations may engage in elections and political campaigns, but the activities must primarily promote social welfare. The IRS has sent several groups questionnaires about their activities. The surveys ask about the groups’ fundraising activities, political rallies and candidate endorsements.

The questions are aimed at determining whether the groups fit the criteria to be 501(c)(4)s. But several Tea Party groups are suspicious. The Kentucky 9/12 project is the latest organization to call the survey and the two-week time period to fill it out an example of government overreach. Failing to fill out the questionnaire could cost the group its not-for-profit status.

Many other Tea Party groups in Kentucky sent messages to their membership to support the 9/12 project in light of the IRS inquiry.