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Thanks to Stu Johnson, Kentucky Public Radio

The World Equestrian Games’ 16 day run at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington has ended.

Officials say total attendance topped 500,000.

Horse Park director John Nicholson says the games enhanced the park’s reputation and its potential for growth.

“You know I think the horse park was on such an ascendency anyway that we were gonna grow and grow
and grow and I think really the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games aren’t the cause for the success
of the Kentucky Horse Park it is in fact a reflection of the success of the Kentucky Horse Park,” he said.

Nicholson says the Kentucky Horse Park has already booked some 20 events as a result of its affilation with the World Equestrian Games. Closing ceremonies for the 2010 games were staged Sunday night.

The 2014 games will be held in Normandy, France.

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