A group of Kentucky college Republicans are calling out a Tea Party leader who criticized their Harlem Shake video for Sen. Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign.

The Kentucky Federation of College Republicans approached Team Mitch with the idea, and recorded their version of the meme outside of Churchill Downs in Louisville.

But United Kentucky Tea Party spokesman John Kemper said Thursday it shows the McConnell campaign is ignoring important issues.

“Mitch wants to look cool, rather than lead, come on Mitch, probably yet another (campaign manager Jesse) Benton idea. These guys are out of touch with Kentuckians,” he said via Facebook.

In a statement, college Republican chairman Rhett Ramsey says Kemper is only interested in tearing down McConnell and fellow GOP officeholders, and they will no longer support his “aspirations” in politics.

From KFCR:

Instead of encouraging college students and young voters to promote activism, Mr. Kemper made a swipe at our attempt for fun, civic engagement. It seems like Mr. Kemper is too busy attacking Leader McConnell and fellow republican office holders at every turn, instead of praising youth involvement and acknowledging our efforts in party building.Our mission is to help elect Republicans to office and engage young people to be a part of this process. Although we do not make formal endorsements, we always encourage our membership to get involved with campaigns.  I am proud of our members’ outreach as we continue to build a coalition of youth activists in Kentucky and on Kentucky campuses.

Ramsey went on to point out that his group’s members made up a good number of Kemper’s backers when he ran for state auditor back in 2011. The group is asking for an apology from Kemper.