The Republican National Convention has been postponed Monday due to tropical storm Isaac, but Kentucky delegates are still headed to Tampa, Florida to support presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Several Kentuckians will participate in the event, including Senator Rand Paul and Sixth Congressional District candidate Andy Barr. Both men have speaking slots in the convention, which is expected to boost Romney’s bid against President Barack Obama this fall.

But the severe weather has canceled the first day of the convention, and revised the speaking schedule. The new list features Paul following fellow Kentuckian and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, with the pair speaking around 7 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer is one of the state delegates. He says voters will see the major policy differences between Romney and President Obama.

“From my standpoint being commissioner of agriculture I can tell you his policies have been detrimental to the family farmer in Kentucky, and that’s one reason that I’m playing such as big role in the Romney campaign. I believe that for the future of rural Kentucky we need to go into a completely different direction in Washington, D.C.,” he says.

In an interview Friday, Comer told WFPL he was worried that the sever weather could damper the event while others are concerned it could present the GOP with a public relations problem.