Local News

From Charles Compton, Kentucky Public Radio/WEKU, Richmond

An agency based in Richmond, Kentucky is preparing a relief response to yesterday’s earthquake in Haiti.

Christian Flights International maintains a school in central Haiti for 1,100 students. Executive director Scott Mandl says his agency is accepting cash donations for earthquake relief…

“We’re going to be trying provide some extra relief and efforts to the folks that are involved with our mission and, of course, that will end up touching a lot of folks. Because we’re the main relief provider to a community of 25,000 and that’s just there in our area, but they will have lots of friends and family that we know will be affected by this,” Mandl said.

He says there are indications the facility escaped major damage, but, he has heard nothing about the well-being of students, staff members or their families. Christian Flights International sends missionaries from central Kentucky to Haiti. However, Mandl says none were in Haiti at the time of the earthquake.

Information on how to help Haiti’s earthquake victims can be found here.

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