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The $700 billion bailout plan for the nation’s financial system that was defeated in the U.S. House Monday drew ‘no’ votes from four of Kentucky’s six representatives in the chamber.

One of those ‘no’ votes came from Louisville Democrat John Yarmuth, who says the measure gave too much away to Wall Street firms and didn’t do enough to free up the country’s wary credit markets.

Yarmuth says he’s “relatively confident,” though, that some type of rescue package will clear the Congress.

“That the leadership will take the temperature of those who voted against it, see what provisions might get them to change their vote, and then I would think they would go to the Senate, this is my guess, ask them to put it in their version and then if the Senate passes it, bring it back to us,” Yarmuth said.

Also voting against the package were Democrat Ben Chandler and Republicans Geoff Davis and Ed Whitfield.

Kentucky Republicans Hal Rogers and Ron Lewis voted for the measure.

Southern Indiana Democrat Baron Hill voted ‘no.’

Rick Howlett is host of WFPL's weekly talk show, "In Conversation."