The Kentucky House of Representatives has hit a road block while drawing new district lines for state lawmakers.

After planning to release and vote on a new House redistricting map first thing this week, chamber leaders had to delay a committee meeting until tomorrow at the earliest.

It appears not all members, Republicans or Democrats, are happy  with the plan. That’s not uncommon in redistricting, which tends to get personal for lawmakers drawn into districts that are more difficult to win in elections.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo says he’s taking comments from legislators on the plan until the last minute.

“We’re still asking members to bring us plans,” he says. “We’re still talking to some of the minority members about, you know, what their preferences are. I sent an e-mail to them, I haven’t gotten the plan back from them, but we did ask them to participate. So we’re trying to get as much input as we can on just the Congressional plan.”

Stumbo still plans to get the new map of federal congressional districts passed off the House floor and sent to the state Senate later this week. But he wasn’t as firm on a date to finish the House districts, even saying it could be pushed back one year if the Congressional maps are passed.