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Despite a national population shift to the south and west, Kentucky’s congressional delegation will not change as a result of the 2010 census. But that doesn’t mean the state’s legislative districts will go unchanged.

The districts for the U.S. House, the General Assembly and even the Louisville Metro Council will all likely need to be redrawn to reflect shifts in population within the state. That could mean more representation for urban areas in the legislature, or more seats for the suburbs in the council.

Census Bureau director Robert Groves says the block-by-block population counts necessary to redraw those districts will be released next year.

“You can assemble blocks up to county level from those data,” he says. “That will be February through the end of March. Then later we’ll begin to have profile and files released that will give results on all sorts of geographical units.”

Kentucky’s population grew 7.4 percent to about 4.3 million since the last census. Indiana’s population grew by about 6.6 percent to 6.4 million. It will retain its 9 seats in the U.S. House.