The Kentucky House will vote Tuesday whether to override Gov. Steve Beshear’s veto of the “religious freedom” bill.

Many House Democrats supported the bill when it first came up for a vote, though the decision to consider the veto was more contentious when taken up in a Democratic caucus meeting Monday. Speaker Greg Stumbo expects the override to go through, but he’s not sure how strong the support will be.

“But it will be called for a vote, I don’t know, I quit counting this morning,” he said Monday. 

Senate leaders say they will also vote to override the veto.

The measure allows Kentuckians to ignore laws that put an undue burden on their religious beliefs. Critics of the bill say it undermines fairness laws in a handful of cities and would legalize discrimination. But supporters of the bill say it only strengthens previous laws that protect religious rights. The bill was the only measure the governor vetoed this year.