Kentucky leads the country in Google searches for the legalization of marijuana, according to a list of political issues put out by the technology company.

Google went through a year of online searches to find out which states look at what topics more than others. For instance, Montana led searches in gun control while Florida looked up Social Security more than any other state.

From The Fix:

The biggest surprise for us? Kentucky is the state where searches for legalization of marijuana are highest. Yes, Kentucky. One possible explanation: There is an effort to pass a law legalizing medicinal marijuana in the state, which could generate some search interest.

Earlier this year, state Sen. Perry Clark pre-filed a bill to legalize medical marijuana, so it makes sense to give him credit for putting Kentucky on the Google map. But there has been significant pro-marijuana movement in the state for a few years, and not to mention the legalizing hemp movement being lead by U.S. Sen. Rand Paul and Agriculture Commissioner James Comer.