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A central Kentucky lawmaker says he will continue to push for tougher penalties against drunk drivers.

State Rep. Mike Harmon of Danville has pre-filed a bill for the 2013 legislative session that would lengthen the amount of time a DUI stays on a person’s criminal record to 10 years and increase fines for repeat offenders.

It’s a measure he’s filed before, but it has yet to receive a committee hearing. Harmon, a Republican, says he would consider working together with Democratic Rep. Dennis Keene, who wants to see ignition interlock devices on the vehicles of people convicted of DUI.

“That may be something where we can work out a compromise where we have a bill that’s maybe a little less stringent on the interlock but still includes it maybe for a second or third offense, and then get it over to the Senate,”   he said.

Harmon says his proposal stems from the story of central Kentucky man whose  grandson was killed by a drunk driver who was driving on a suspended license from a previous DUI.