The Kentucky Lottery Corporation is moving ahead with a new Keno game and online lottery sales after unanimously approval from its board. 

The board approved the new games with the hopes they would generate $85 million a year by 2023.

State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach spearheaded the effort to expand to Keno and online as a way to help generate more revenue for the state.

He says it will take roughly a year for full implementation of the games.

“So you’re probably not going to see anything of any significance until 2014. It takes a little while,” he said.

State House Democrats have already eyed those revenues to help potentially pay for the state’s underfunded pension system, which Hollenbach said would be worthwhile. But currently the extra revenue would go to education. 

To start, the lottery will offer current games to be sold online, then would create new online-only games. 

(Image via Shutterstock.)