Election officials across Kentucky’s started rechecking vote totals Thursday morning in a recanvass of last week’s close Republican primary for governor.

Agriculture Commissioner James Comer asked earlier this month for the recanvass after losing the Republican gubernatorial primary to Louisville businessman Matt Bevin by 83 votes. In Louisville, Jefferson County election officials were reloading and re-checking memory cards used in voting machines during the election.

Because the process is digital, vote totals almost never change during recanvasses here, Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw said.

“That’s not to say never because I would not want to say that,” she said. “Things can make mistakes, but they normally do not come out any different.”

Representatives from the Bevin campaign and the Comer campaign, as well as members from the state board of elections, monitored the process. Holsclaw said recanvasses can be comforting to candidates in Comer’s situation when elections are this close, even if the process doesn’t yield any changes.

“You know, I am sure it’s very hard to accept,” she said. “I am sure he worked very, very hard and to come down to those few votes when you are talking about a whole state—120 counties. Mistakes can be made. I am sure that’s what they are looking for today.”

Comer has until Friday to ask for a full-on recount, which he’d have to pay for.

Officials are also conducting a recanvass of the GOP primary for agriculture commissioner.

The Secretary of State’s office will announce the final results later Thursday.