The Kentucky General Assembly was back in session this week and despite promises to come up with solutions to the state’s pension crisis, much of lawmakers’ attention has been on the sexual harassment scandal still unfolding in the House of Representatives.

House Speaker Jeff Hoover’s name was back up on the lectern at the front of the House of Representatives, despite promises to step down last year after allegations surfaced that he had secretly settled a sexual harassment complaint made by a former staffer and tried to cover it up.

Now, Hoover says he’ll step away for the “time being, and in the meantime, House Speaker Pro Tem David Osborne will fill the role.

Republicans are divided about Hoover’s fate, and Democrats are accusing the GOP House members of trying to avoid a contentious vote over a new speaker.

Capitol reporter Ryland Barton has the year’s first installment of Kentucky Politics Distilled.

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Ryland Barton is the Capitol bureau chief for Kentucky Public Radio.