This week in Kentucky politics…

Republicans in the state House of Representatives quickly advanced a bill to restrict abortion even further in the state. The measure would make it harder for minors to get abortions, create new restrictions for abortion medication and require the “proper disposal” of fetal remains.

The charter school debate returned to the statehouse with a bill to fund the privately-run, but taxpayer-financed organizations. Charter schools have been legal in Kentucky in 2017, but lawmakers never installed a permanent funding model for them.

Also, lawmakers continued a recent string of antisemitic incidents at the legislature. Republican Rep. Danny Bentley, of Russell, made a bizarre speech about abortion medication, the Holocaust and the sex lives of Jewish women. Bentley apologized for the statement, but Jewish organizations and others have been expressing concern about the preponderance of hateful or insensitive speech in the legislature.

Jonese Franklin joined Capitol reporter Ryland Barton for this week’s edition of Kentucky Politics Distilled.

Kentucky Politics Distilled is our weekly rundown of the big news — and sometimes the odd news — happening in the state Capitol.

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Ryland Barton is the Managing Editor for Collaboratives.