This week in Kentucky politics…

After another horrific school shooting, politicians renewed the now-familiar tradition of providing condolences to families, but discouraging advocates from pushing for gun safety measures.

By the end of the week, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told CNN that he was encouraging GOP leaders to work with Democrats on a “bipartisan solution” to gun violence.

But the pattern of events feels similar to 2019, when McConnell hinted at a compromise on a so-called “red flag” law and expanded background checks in the wake of massacres in Dayton and El Paso, but ultimately energy fizzled a few weeks later.

Kentucky Public Radio’s Ryland Barton and Divya Karthikeyan have this week’s edition of Kentucky Politics Distilled.

Kentucky Politics Distilled is our weekly rundown of the big news — and sometimes the odd news — happening in the state Capitol.

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Ryland Barton is the Managing Editor for Collaboratives.