More than 61,000 students are estimated to receive a degree or credential from one of Kentucky’s public and independent colleges and universities in 2013—slightly fewer than the year before, according to Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Education.

The CPE released its preliminary degrees report Thursday, you can find it here.

Overall, public colleges and universities are expected to award fewer degrees this year than last, while the independent system will increase its awards. When averaged, this represents a less than one percent decrease in total degrees for all of Kentucky’s public and independent colleges and universities.

The largest decline came from research doctorates, with slight declines in undergraduate and graduate certificates, which aren’t the same as degrees.

The largest 10-year increase came in associate degrees, which grew nearly 70 percent. Officials say a quarter of young adults in Kentucky now have an associate degree or higher.

Final numbers will be released in the fall.